Any questions you may have about our software


Frequently Asked Questions

Be instant. After choosing your subscription and you have defined the initial parameters of your company, you can use it.
You can use it on as many devices as you want. But the same user can only have the program open (simultaneously) on 2 devices. Obviously, if you have 10 users they will be able to work at the hour. We are talking about the same user.
Our program is made in web format, therefore, just as you do with a gmail or Netflix, you can access it on any device that allows you to surf the internet.
We understand that you pay for the service but the data is yours. After you unsubscribe, we will not delete your data without your consent for a period of one year.
Yes, the web is a live program that we are constantly improving. Each upgrade is applied to all clients automatically.
We believe that our application is very easy and it will not cost you anything to learn it. We have tutorials where it is explained how it works. We only offer online assistance at the "Professional" and "multi-center" rate. Telephone assistance is only provided at the "Multi-Center" rate.